SiteBildz Review

SiteBildZ created by Joe Russell is the first multi platform marketing software which totally automates and streamlines all of the manual processes for three of today’s major money makers:

-Affiliate Marketing
-Site Flipping
-Mobile App Creation

If you know anything about the software Joe Russell produce you know that he don’t create junk software OR cut corners and SiteBildZ is no exception.  With over one year and more than $200k spent in development plus a proven track record as a top software brand in the industry you can be assured knowing that you are getting a quality product!

If you want even more details check out the complete feature descriptions below.

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Powerful SiteBildZ features:

All Membership Packages Below Include the Following:

    Complete Access to ALL SiteBildZ software features! 
    Niche Research
    Niche Competition
    Amazon Product Search/Auto-Poster
    Clickbank Ad Builder/Auto-Poster
    Affiliate Ad Builder/Auto-Poster (create ads for almost ANY affiliate network!)
    Domain/Site Manager
    Theme Manager
    Content Manager
    Auto Post Scheduler
    Onsite SEO Manager
    Social Media Manager
    SiteFlipping Manager
    Site Statistics
    SiteBildZ EZ Editor
    SiteBildZ Free Hosting on our Dedicated Servers!
    Private Forum Access
    Full Access to SiteBildZ Advanced Training, Weekly Webinars and Q&A to ensure you get the most out of your SiteBildZ membership!
    Free Standard Listings at
    Free Software Updates!
    And Many More Features Are In the Works!
SiteBildZ Starter Pack!

    10 websites per account
    75 unique search reports per day
    Free hosting on SiteBildZ dedicated servers
    SiteBildZ Mobile App!
    Access to All SiteBildZ software Training Videos and current PDF Training Guides

You ONLY need to earn on average 16 cents per website per day and you will more than cover your monthly membership costs!  With SiteBildZ FREE Advanced Live Training to lay out exactly how to have your sites performing at their peak this will definitely be a No Brainer!

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    30 websites per account
    200 unique search reports per day
    Free hosting on SiteBildZ dedicated servers
    SiteBildZ Mobile App
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    Access to All Training Videos, PDF Training Guides and New Monthly Uploads

You ONLY need to earn on average 7 cents per website per day and you will more than cover your monthly membership costs!

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   Basic Plus

    100 websites per account
    500 unique search reports per day
    Free hosting on SiteBildZ dedicated servers or host on your own server
    SiteBildZ Mobile App
    Access to All Training Videos, PDF Training Guides and New Monthly Uploads
    Free Full Membership to AppBildZ
    10% discount on all featured listings when you list your site for sale at

You ONLY need to earn on average 5 cents per website per day and you will more than cover your monthly membership costs!

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    UNLIMITED websites per account
    ONE THOUSAND unique search reports per day
    Free hosting on SiteBildZ dedicated servers or host on your own server
    25% discount on all featured listings when you list your site for sale at
    Free Full Membership to AppBildZ
    Free listing in the “Featured SiteBidZ Sites” scroller within the SiteBildZ software(Seen by ALL members)
    Access to All Training Videos, PDF Training Guides and New Monthly Uploads

Based on 200 website because you are Unlimited…You ONLY need to earn on average 3 cents per website per day and you will more than cover your monthly membership costs!

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There are so many features to the SiteBildZ software and membership it will take a bit of time for you to read through everything below but I wanted you to see EXACTLY what you will get.

Dashboard: The dashboard was created with ease of use and productivity in mind.  The interface is intuitively laid out and simple to navigate, all the powerful SiteBildZ features and modules are quickly and easily accessible which will save you time and effort when monitoring a large number of profitable affiliate websites.  With SiteBildZ automation and streamlining processes working for you, all the technical aspects are gone.  You can easily run custom websites selling any of today’s hottest products earning you commissions with every sale.

SiteBildZ Tutorials-
You get more than just professionally created in-depth training videos for the SiteBildZ software, Joe Russell also provide you with basic training in PDF format covering a wide variety of Internet marketing topics with a library that is constantly growing!  Learning and keeping up to date on the latest techniques and strategies has never been easier.  SiteBildZ training topics cover everything from in-depth affiliate strategies being used by today’s successful marketer’s to the latest in SEO and Web 2.0 tactics in getting your site seen by valued customers.

Newbie’s will be introduced to the affiliate marketing industry with some of the most explanatory guides available online giving you insight into every aspect needed from performing proper niche research to the development and management of your very own money sites.  While experienced affiliate marketer’s will enjoy knowing they are always in the loop on what’s new and working in the fast paced world of website marketing.  Chances are you have seen some of our guides already and know that they are crammed full of valuable information and not fluff and filler text. Joe Russell will provide you with a new in-depth guide or strategy manual each month!

SiteBildZ Advance Training Webinars- Joe Russell will also be providing Live Training/Q&A Webinar’s every week to all paid members showing them the latest in techniques to get the most out of their SiteBildZ membership and generate high quality and profit performing affiliate websites in a snap.  This training will also include SEO and promotional strategies to get your sites ranking and outperforming your competition.

Niche Research Module- SiteblidZ Niche Research tools are second to none!  SiteBildZ has partnered with SEMRush to provide you with the most accurate and up to date research data from a recognized top brand in the industry.  Having the most accurate and up to date data can make the difference in wasting your time chasing markets that just aren’t there. Or, having the ability to hone in on untapped markets and find those profitable niche keywords to generate more traffic and more sales.  With ease you can now capitalize on knowing the data you are basing your work on is accurate and targeted.

Niche Competition Module- With SiteBildZ you get extremely powerful tools that will provide you with valuable information about your competition that you can use to outrank them in the search engines.  Knowing how your competition evaluates the marketplace and their optimization strategies can significantly increase your ability to evaluate profitable niches and their associated keywords. You also are now able to come into this market will full optimization and details that will give you the upper hand in scoring some awesome rankings.

Product Search Module- Once your site is automatically hosted either with free hosting or on your own hosting/server you can quickly locate Amazon and Clickbank (new networks being added) products and easily add them to your websites with just a few clicks.

You will have Access to all the hottest products selling online and the ability to pick and choose which ones you find most profitable for your niche.  From informational products to the newest electronics just about any product can be found and sold on your website to earn you commissions.  Easily create and tweak your Adsense ads, display Amazon products and generate your own completely customized Clickbank ads using the integrated SiteBildZ Ad Builder.

Or, you can use this tool build your own Ads by simply specifying an affiliate link and then build an Ad based around ANY product from ANY affiliate network!

Domain Module- The SiteBildZ domain module helps you to find relevant and valuable domains for your affiliate marketing and Adsense websites then the SiteBildZ software will automatically register your domain, take care of all DNS settings and set up your hosting in just a matter of minutes.  Completely eliminating the hassles of setup will free up more of your time and save you from having the headaches associated with hosting setup and DNS settings.  Having the ability to work effortlessly and efficiently with SiteBildZ can add hours to your day and money in pocket.

The domain module also gives you the ability to create and manage your site based emails in minutes without having to go into your cpanel to create them.

Currently SitebildZ offer Namecheap and Enom as registrar choices and will have GoDaddy added!

Funds Manager- This module gives you the ability to manage all in software purchases either for domains or content without the need for entering your payment details over and over again.  By adding credits to your account using a Credit Card or PayPal you can simply fly through the process when it comes to booking domains and ordering your content from any of the integrated writing services provided in the software.

SiteBildZ Free Hosting- All sites you create with the SiteBildZ software are hosted at NO COST on our super fast reliable servers for as long as you remain an active SiteBildZ member.  If you wish you can also host the sites you create on your own servers and still manage them directly from the SiteBildZ interface.  When you choose to host your sites with us you can rest assured knowing yours sites are on the best hosting technologies available to date. Joe Russell spare no expense when it comes to his hosting and setup making sure nothing but the best servers and staff are on call 24hours a day to monitor all sites and ensure 99.99% reliability.

Theme Manager- SiteBildZ provides you with a selection of totally customizable WordPress themes to choose from and they will continue to add more and more each and every week along with email opt-in templates, niche headers, web graphics and more.  No More searching for appropriate templates to portray the right image to your visitors.  With the complete customization abilities of the SiteBildZ EZ Editor you can choose any one of the fantastic templates already created and change them in any way imaginable.  Find the feel you like and tweak it to suit your needs and appearance.  It’s that EASY!

SiteBildZ currently support Aweber and Get Response auto responder services with more on the way.

Content Module- Every successful website needs quality original content.  SiteBildZ provides you with a few different options to get great content for your website.  You now have the ability to have your websites content professionally researched and created for you by one of the two writing services integrated with SiteBildZ.

Or, you can now harness the power of software to create your content with a simple click by using the ArticleBuilder software which is fully integrated with SiteBildZ.  You can also choose to write your own content and you will have access to all the training and learning materials in the SiteBildZ Tutorial’s area to give you the best advice for writing excellent quality content that captures customer’s like flies to honey.  As with all profitable websites and promotion having quality content is essential in achieving high rankings through proper onsite and offsite SEO strategies.

Auto Post Scheduler- Forget about the hassles of adding and updating content to your many websites!  Now you can set your content to be posted automatically to any of your SiteBildZ websites with just a few clicks.

SiteBildZ Forum- This is a private Forum only accessible to paid members of SiteBildZ software and intended for user’s to come together and discuss ways to benefit from the many aspects of the software and learning materials provided.  Members can easily stay up to date on strategies and techniques used by fellow members to achieve greater success in using the SiteBildZ software and can post their questions of interest to others who may have experience in those areas.  You will also be able to post your feedback, suggest software features, share your success stories and read about other fellow member’s success using the SiteBildZ software.

SEO Module- The websites you create with SiteBildZ are WordPress based and because of this and automatically installed plugins they are quite well optimized for the search engines right out of the box.  However some basic tweaking is needed.  Joe Russell have streamlined this process and made it much easier for you to optimize your SiteBildZ sites.  Simply enter your information into the required fields and SiteBildZ will take care of the rest.

Social Media Module- This is a newly added module that allows you to submit to your favourite social media sites such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and more all at the same time or you can choose to submit separately.  We are constantly adding to the list of social media sites that this feature will submit to.

Site Flipping Module-
SiteBildZ give you the ability to list the sites you build for sale on our new site flipping platform  You can sell sites, buy sites and manage all your auction listings from the SiteBildZ software interface.  SiteBildZ members will NEVER pay a standard listing fee when listing sites created with the software for sale on SiteBidZ.  All the site flipping research tools you need are included in the Site Flipping module.  These tools will help you to find potential profitable domains, research domain history and more!

Site Statistics Module- SiteBildZ includes a site statistics module where you can monitor all of your sites metrics to get the data you need for improving site rankings, optimizing ads and visitor experience which will help to increase your sales.

AppBildz- The mobile app market is hot and many Internet marketers create new income streams by building and selling niche apps, web apps and native apps for the Apple and Android markets.  Here is your chance to to get started in this industry!  As a paid member of you get complete access to their newly launched app builder at No Cost…this is a $29.97 monthly value!

If you thought you needed to know coding to create mobile apps then think again!  The AppBildZ app builder is template driven and easy to use plus since you pay no access or membership fees you can take all the time you need to learn the ropes!  Joe Russell goal with AppBildZ is to create the most user friendly app builder with features that currently arent available anywhere along with a huge selection of custom templates only available to AppBildZ users.  Active SiteBildZ members will NEVER have to pay a monthly fee to take advantage of the software.

 Mobile Friendly- All websites created by the SiteBildZ software are super mobile friendly right out of the box and will adjust and resize all your content so that it is easily and aesthetically viewable by any mobile device.  Although the sites created with SiteBildZ are optimized for mobile by default, without you having to do a thing,  this feature also has many customizable options for how your site can be displayed on mobile devices…you can even display Google Adsense ads to your mobile visitors!

 SiteBildZ Mobile App- As a SiteBildZ member you also get the only complete affiliate marketing and site flipping mobile app in existence!  This extremely powerful mobile app gives you all the power of the SiteBildZ software in your pocket.  Research niches, keywords, competition, register domains, build web sites, sell sites, buy sites, manage auctions…practically anything you can do with the SiteBildZ software you will be able do with SiteBildZ mobile app!

SiteBildZ EZ Editor- The EZ editor gives you control over the look, feel and layout of your website.  Easily and visually edit text, add images, add text to images, switch headers, change colours, font styles, add and remove site elements and more!  The EZ editor provides you with over a hundred customizable options so that you can choose exactly how you want your site to be displayed.

SiteBildZ Software Updates- If you are familiar with Joe Russell's other number one selling software SEnuke XCr then you know he is TOTAL fanatics about continued and constant development!  Updates and fixes happen quick and new features are added so often its almost like your getting new software every month!  We have serious future plans for this software to offer you more income options, more automation and more value with extremely powerful and innovative features additions and modules.

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Sitebildz Software Release

Sitebildz is a new software created by Joe Russell will be launched on May 7th

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